MagDots for Screening Yeast Display Libraries


Yeast Surface Display is used for the expression and subsequent screening of desired proteins and peptides in the field of antibody discovery and development. Current techniques involved in separation are tedious and require multiple enrichment steps as well as individual labeling for each separation step to achieve the desired protein with sufficient purity.  CQT’s MagDots that target biotinylated proteins allows for rapid and effective enrichment of antigen-binding clones in an open or column based magnetic separation system.

Reagents for YSD


MagDots with Streptavidin can be used to tag biotinylated epitope.The reagents used in YSD may be purchased here.

Protocol for YSD



Learn how Magdots can be used to screen engineered yeast strain in a one step label process using CQT’s Core 2T Magnet.

Magnet for YSD


 CoreMag2T designed with a 2T magnet enables rapid and effective separation of MagDot labelled cell suspensions within minutes.

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