Magnetic Quantum Dots Reagents for Use in Fluorescent Interrogation

MagDots are comprised of both quantum dots and magnetic iron oxides within the same nanoparticle. MagDots are used for magnetic separation of targeted cells which can then be immediately analyzed fluorescently – there is no need to use an additional fluorescent reagent for cell analysis.

The MagDot is a dual-purpose reagent, it combines quantum dots and superparamagnetic iron oxide particles within the same nanoparticle. Cells labeled with MagDots targeting specific antigens will be both fluorescent and magnetic. Therefore, after labeling cells of interest, one can look at the feed to determine the percent positive fluorescently via flow cytometry, and then place the labeled cells in a magnetic separator and analyze both the magnetic (for the enrichment) and the nonmagnetic (for the depletion) targeted cells without the need for further fluorescent labeling.


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