Quantum Dot Flow Cytometry Reagents

Fluorescent and magnetic quantum dots are the ideal reagent for flow cytometry.

Traditional organic dye flow cytometry reagents used for cell sorting or cell analysis are prone to photobleaching or decoupling and need multiple lasers for multiple color excitation.

In contrast, our polymer-protected quantum dot nanoparticles are stabilized against degradation and produce tight spectral emissions that require only one laser to excite, making multicolor flow cytometry a real option for research. In addition, our dual-use reagents mean you won’t have to spend endless hours in front of the flow cytometer anymore or purchase multiple reagents for the same marker.

Conjugated antibodies for flow cytometry

Our MagDot and MultiDot products are conjugated with antibodies that label markers such as CD3, CD4, and CD45. Using magnetic and fluorescent quantum dot reagents in place of organic dyes in flow cytometry provides a clearer picture of biological interactions faster than ever before.

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