Quantum Dot Stability

 Quantum dot fluorescence is no secret. But the key to maintaining fluorescence in harsh environments has been a secret – until now.

Photobleaching is an inevitability for organic dyes and unprotected quantum dots. However, our biostable polymer provides dot clusters with up to 7.5x greater resistance to photodegradation and oxidation when compared to unprotected quantum dots.

Encapsulation of multiple QDs in the same particle provides a sacrificial layer that preserves fluorescence and maintains MultiDots and MagDots stable in harsh environments. Greater stability leads to a longer quantum dot fluorescence lifetime, enabling you to store labeled cells and re-examine them later without losing signal to photobleaching.

Polymer Coated Quantum Dots

Our MagDot and Multidot products are protected by a micelle polymer that allows researchers to realize the inherent benefits of quantum dots, without the downsides of rapid photobleaching and oxidation.

What would greater reagent stability mean for your research?