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CoreMag2T designed with a 2T magnet enables rapid and effective separation of MagDot labelled cell suspensions within minutes. You can visualize the labelled cell population as they get separated in the tube with CQT’s open magnetic separator and aspirate out unlabeled cells without disturbing the labeled population.

Product Information

Core Mag2T is an open magnetic system that is designed to be used with MagDot reagents. Core Mag2T is designed to have field strength of 2 Tesla in the middle of the magnetic field and can hold 12 x 75 mm (5 mL) columns. The design is truly an open magnetic design; where the magnet is contained in a half cylinder as opposed to a complete cylinder. The user can see what they are doing when they pipet a sample for removal and visualize the collection itself. The inlet portion of the magnet has a rubber gasket to hold the tube tightly so that in the event the user wants to decant the sample as opposed to the pipet, the tube will remain in place until the user removes it. At the bottom of the magnetic bore, there is a platform that raises the tube so that it is not in a ‘dead’ zone where there is no magnetic field.


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